Hello there! I’d first like to thank you for visiting Zero Six Designs. This has been a great journey for me, and I hope to keep pushing further and learning more. Zero Six Designs is a Houston based woodworking company looking to bring joy to your home.

A little about me. Being a kid, you are born into what I like to call established environments which means you don’t always know how the environment came to be. What I do know is my Late father was always building things and using tools in creative ways. While he didn’t share his work with the world, he did use his skills to solve problems around the home and for family members. I watched my dad build sheds for lawn equipment, swings, picknick tables, fence posts, and chairs. My father was also a CNC machinist by day which involved reading blueprints and programming machines to make industrial parts. It’s nothing short to say my dad was very mechanically inclined. An interesting part of my life I will never forget is a hurricane, tore down the deck that my father built many years before. I watched my father rebuild that same deck in less than a week and I was so proud of him. Through watching him I developed my own sort of love for woodworking. I am a person who loves working on projects, big or small.

The more challenging the better. I don’t shy away from failure and appreciate the process it takes to become good at something you love. I started off by making subwoofer boxes for my car. At first, I purchased a prefabricated box and was underwhelmed to say the least. I wanted to build a good subwoofer box but, I also wanted the ability to customize the final product. That is when I began my journey of woodworking. Of course, I didn’t have my own tools, so I had to ask my dad to use his, every time. While not the worst thing in the world, that process eventually got old. He would show me how to use the tool and where to place my hands for safety. He provided me with the proper gloves and eyewear to keep me safe while using the tools. If I followed these instructions, he was ok allowing me to use the tools. I had a lot of fun working on these projects. Me and buddy of mine would make boxes and we would compare designs.

In 2023 I started Zero Six Designs and now I am sharing my passion with the world. My goal is to continue learning and sharpening my skills to bring great products to customers like you. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me! I hope you will continue to support me and my business.