What are cutting boards for?

Cutting board are used for exactly that, cutting. First, they provide a protective barrier from your tabletop so you don’t risk damaging it. This can minimize contamination from sitting on your table and may provide an easier clean up after use. Some cutting boards come different options such as juice grooves which allow juices to flow from the cutting space into a valley called a groove or handles to make picking your cutting board a little easier.

Do I Need a Cutting Board?

If you are trying to cut on uneven surfaces or trying to avoid damaging your countertop, then yes. Cutting boards provide a large flat surface to cut on and create a space between the blade and your countertop.

How do I choose a cutting Board?

Everyone’s needs are different and cutting boards come in various sizes. Depending on the type of foods you may be cutting would determine which board works for you. If you cook mainly smaller meals for yourself then a smaller board may be sufficient. If you normally cook for a family or medium to large groups, a larger board would useful so you can cut more food on the same surfaced before transferring it to the next step. Do you cut food that results in a lot of juices being released? Then you may benefit from a juice groove board. Do you do a lot of heavy chopping of larger cuts of meat? Then you might benefit from a Butcher block.

Sometimes you may switch between needing a smaller board and a big board. Maybe you want to cut meats on one board and vegetables on another to help eliminate cross contamination. Bigger boards are also usually respectively heavier than smaller boards so you may consider investing in two sizes to have the freedom to choose as needed.

Final Thoughts

Cutting boards can be life changing especially if you prefer to cook at home and or cook for family members. Cutting boards also add an aesthetic look to your kitchen. If well taken care of, cutting boards will last many years. To see what we have available click here.