Cutting boards can be great long-term investments. Especially when you purchase a high-end cutting board with your hard-earned money. It is important to take proper care of your wooden cutting board to maximize the life of the board.

How do I clean a wooden cutting board?

Cleaning a wooden cutting board is actually quite easy. Let's start with a few FAQs.

Can wooden cutting board in the dishwasher? While putting a cutting board in the dishwasher might make easy work of cleaning your wood cutting board, the process the dishwasher uses is not suitable for wooden cutting boards. This could lead to warping and drying out of the wood. Remember you spent hard on money on a nice cutting board. It's not worth it to cut corners.

Can I use special chemicals to clean or disinfect my wood cutting board?

This is not a good idea because it introduces chemicals into the wood which can warp or deteriorate the wood over time. The chemicals could deteriorate the glue that holds the cutting board together. Lastly, cutting boards are meant to be food contact safe. Last thing you want is chemicals getting into your food which could ultimately enter your body or the body of a loved one.

So, what is the best way to clean a wooden cutting board?

This might surprise you but, good ole' soap and warm water. Yep, the old-fashioned way of cleaning dishes is the best way! The goal is to maximize the life of the cutting board and use for many years while keeping toxins out.

Did you know hard woods tend to have natural antibacterial properties? This means they don't need harsh chemicals to help stay clean in properly maintained.

How do I care for my cutting board?

Caring for your cutting board is just as important as cleaning. Over time the cutting board will dry out which can lead to shrinking and warping. It is recommended your cutting board be oiled with a food contact safe mineral oil at least once a month. The oil should be applied generously all over the cutting board but not dripping. After about 15 minutes, excess oil should be wiped up and the cutting board allowed to dry overnight. 


Keeping these tips in mind will ensure you get your money's worth when purchasing a nice high end cutting board. When guest come over your cutting board will surely be a topic of discussion.