Imagine you just bought a beautiful dining table, and you can’t wait to add it to your home. You get everything set up and after a few days of eating with the family or a game night at your home, you notice rings or discoloration on the table. How could this happen, you may ask?

Condensation from a bottle or glass that was cold was set on the table most likely caused this to happen. If this is repeated often, over time you will end up with a less than attractive table and may find yourself needing to buy another. That doesn’t sound like fun. Scratches can also form on your tabletop depending on how much a glass or bottle is moved around.

Luckily there is a simple solution to all of this. To prevent water rings or marks that can be left on a table or desk, a furniture coaster will act as a barrier between the glass and the surface any precious item in your home. The goal is to be able to show off your nice table time and time again!

How do I pick a Coaster?
There’s no wrong answer here because it is mostly up to you. Coasters come in all shapes and sizes, and you should pick one that would complement your tabletop and ultimately one that appeals to you most. The standard size for a coaster is 4 inches, however some may come is slightly larger or smaller sizes. Anything 3-4” should be sufficient for most needs.


Final Thoughts

Coasters are a great addition to your space and will last you many years while protecting your investments. Who wants ugly tables, right? To see what coasters, we have available click here.